About the Project

Solar Façade Cladding Project Installed in a remote part of the UK in 2012. Solar power generated from the façade cladding and conventional rooftop solar now covers the properties electricity demand, including driving an electric vehicle. 

Our client has been in touch with Polysolar  with his feedback: 'The solar cladding still all works fine and with the solar roof panels and the early tariffs covers all our electricity costs and has now repaid all the capital costs as well.  Both systems were a really good investment.  We have also switched to renewable energy from the grid making the property carbon neutral for all its electricity supply.  We also use an electric vehicle which is itself now carbon neutral for its power, either charged from the properties solar panels and cladding or from renewable energy from the grid.  So environmentally in a good place and financially in a good place with free energy and all but free transport - hard to believe why others are so slow to change!!!' (March 2021)

Kempley, Gloucester