About Polysolar Energy

Serving Homeowners and Commercial Sectors alike. Our highly skilled teams have the expertise and experience to design, supply and install solar glazing, double glazing and home improvement products which supply power, improve appearance, reduce noise levels and increase security and efficiency for homeowners and commercial projects across the UK.

Polysolar is Based in Cambridge we have developed a portfolio of system solutions to combine with our innovative transparent solar glass.

The company was founded in 2007 for the development of next generation photovoltaic materials. As research progressed, Polysolar developed and commercialised a range of transparent photovoltaic glazing materials for integration into an extending variety of integration solutions. These include canopies, carports, facades and other bespoke applications.

Why Choose Us

  • Experience designing and installing BIPV over 15 years
  • Your choice of service available from simple supply to full project management
  • We're creative, innovative and technolocical. Our in-house design team works with you to get the best solution.
  • Polysolar has the products, experience and level of service to help you make the right decisions and leave you happy, assured of having made the right choice, and where possible, with money in your pocket.