Solar PV Greenhouses 

Benefits of installing solar glass on greenhouses

• Cuts out of harmful UV light that causes plant scorching

• Transmission in infra-red spectrum to provide the greenhouse effect

• Overhead shading reduces excessive heat gain and plant transpiration

• Conductive layer in glass reflects heat to maintain a more consistent temperatures 

• Allows through red light spectrum needed for photosynthesis absorbing blue spectrum for electricity generation

• Marginal Additional cost in installation

• Offers additional functional benefits (reduced water consumption, reduced energy use on ventilation and heating)

• Marginal impact on plant yield*

• Meets future building regulations

• Delivers a direct financial return 

Polysolar’s Solar PV Greenhouses can not only deliver energy savings but a wide range of performance improvements by incorporating latest technologies such as variable spectrum LED lighting, heat exchange pumps, water harvesting, etc.

More information can be found in this scientific journal: Tinted Semi‐Transparent Solar Panels Allow Concurrent Production of Crops and Electricity on the Same Cropland - Thompson - 2020 - Advanced Energy Materials - Wiley Online Library