Product Specifications and Datasheets

Polysolar manufactures a wide range of different solar BIPV glass technologies designed to best meet the application and situational needs of our clients. All our glass products can be manufactured into insulated double-glazed units and are fully warranted and certified.

Transparent Solar PV Glass


Transparent see-through Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) thin-film Photovoltaic technology.

  • Colourless/grey/black pixelated appearance.
  • Available in range a transparencies, opaque to 80% light transmission.
  • Standard panel dimension 1200mm x 600mm x 7.1mm, but available in any bespoke shape and size up to 3m.
  • Full range of colour laminates or coatings available on request.
  • Efficiency from 12% or 118Wp/m².

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Semi Transparent BIPV Glass


Semi Transparent Monocrystalline Silicon (c-Si) photovoltaic technology.

  • All Black square silicon cells embedded in a transparent glass glass laminate.
  • Available in range of transparencies and/or with back white or black film.
  • Standard panel 10% light transmission
  • Standard dimensions: 1049mm x 1770mm x 7.1mm (60 cell) - also available in bespoke dimensions.
  • Full range of coatings available on request.
  • Panels per pallet: 25
  • Efficiency from 20% or 210Wp/m².

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Lightweight Solar Panels

PS-MC-SP Series

Polysolar Mono PERC modules offer high efficiencies up to 22.1% combined with ultra light weight and flexibility.

  • Light Weight – 5.7kg (3kg/m2 ),2.5mm thick.
  • Flexible- ultra thin silicon wafers with advanced organic polymer encapsulation, offering bending radius of 0.3m.
  • Ease of Installation - No mounting frame requirement, with bonded or riveted or velcro fixing solutions.
  • High Efficiency – Busbar free design increases cell conversion efficiency and improved low radiance performance.
  • Lead Free – Environmentally friendly design without soldering and high reliability.

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Framed Shingled Panels

Terra Perfect Black

Innovative shingled technology giving high efficiency, better shade tolerance, fewer microcracks, less degradation, better hotspot resistance, 60% reduced lead and flourine free.

  • Perfect Black framed solar panels with no silver busbars.
  • High ethical and environmental standards.
  • Ideal for integration into structures and systems.
  • Dimensions: 1812mm x 1096mm x 30mm.
  • 15 Year materials warranty. 25 Year warranty for linear power output.

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