About the Project

It’s no longer just swimmers catching the rays at the historical Hathersage outdoor swimming pool: A new Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) solarium roof means that the complex itself is now harnessing the energy of the sun to generate clean, renewable electricity.

As part of the restoration of the historic solarium at the Hathersage lido, Polysolar have installed transparent solar-PV glazing on the solarium to maintain the design aesthetic that is nearing 100 years old turning it into a smart, energy generating roof structure 

The design of the Solarium documents important trends in 1930s architecture, using an expensive glass which allowed ultraviolet light through, thought to be healthy at the time. 20% light transmission and a matte finish texture means that the panels will be non-reflective, while keeping the solarium light and pleasant to be in. The new roof will generate approximately 6000kWh a year.

Hathersage Swimming Pool, Oddfellows Road, Hathersage, S32 1DU
Power generated:
Total m2:
92 m2.