About the Project

Date of completion: 2018

Location: Gloucester County Council Hall

Client: Kier 


  • 33 kWp system
  • 550 m2 transparent BIPV
  • PS-A/C series 20% transparent and opaque double glazed curtain wall
  • CO2 saving: 9.5 tons per annum

Refurbishment of the main council offices for Gloucester county council. Polysolar provided a large BIPV system as part of the building infrastructure which will provide on-site power and improve the council’s renewable energy credentials. One of the key objectives was to make the council building one of the greenest in the county. It is a prestigious local government building. The overall contract is ~ >£4m and we delivered the PV sub-contract with main contractor Kier and their nominated cladding contractor. Over 380 PV panels were delivered as part of the Polysolar contract. The buildings remained occupied throughout the contract (few hundred staff working in nominated blocks at various stages of construction) and therefore we had to work safely (to ISO 18001 with Kier) on a very congested site. Programming and detail were critical to the installation because we were only able to work on one block at a time. 

Gloucestershire County Council